17th Issue of BIRDS Newsletter is here!!!

Please check out the 17th issue of BIRDS monthly newsletter here

Some interesting contents of issue no. 17

1. BRAC Founder and its Chairman Sir Fazle Hasan Abed formally inaugurated the ground station of BRAC University
2. Altitude of the ISS for the past year
3. How does the ISS orbit the earth?

4. BIRDS members participate in local sports events – experiencing more of Japan
5. The SpaceX@Florida launch that did not happen
6. Trip Report to Mongolia
7. Princess Mako’s visit to Bhutan covered by the media in Japan and in Bhutan
8. BIRDS-Bangladesh covered by leading print newspaper in Bangladesh
9. Successful launch of the BIRDS-1 constellation aboard Falcon 9 rocket
10. CRS-11’s Dragon successfully captured by the ISS
11. Photos from the launch site (Pad 39A of the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center)
12. Some of the messages received regarding the successful launch
13. The launch is covered by Nigerian television
14. The launch is viewed by the FUTA community (in Nigeria)
15. The status of BIRDS-2 Frequency Coordination (FC)
16. Prof. Cho makes a presentation at June 2017 COPUOS Meeting in Vienna
17. YouTube site for viewing the deployment of BIRDS-1
18. What is Tana Bata Day?
19. Tobata Gion Oyamagasa Festival
20. BIRDS-1 of Ghana covered by its media
21. For SEIC and BIRDS students, Dr. Amelia Greig teaches rocket propulsion course
22. The BIRDS Session during recent ISTS meeting in Matsuyama
23. Kyutech BIRDS members conduct outreach at Kurume University
24. Some photos from Bhutan
25. Concerning the first signals of BIRDS-1 satellites after ISS release
26. BIRDS-2 student Adrian discusses store-and-forward during SEIC Lunch Time Seminar
27. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Ghana
28. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Mongolia
29. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Nigeria
30. Proposed BIRDS-1 QSL card by Bangladesh
31. Kafi is awarded second prize for Best Poster at ISTS
32. First meeting of the BIRDS Ground Station Operator Network
33. Team Bangladesh trip to home
34. BIRDS-1 news story on Nigerian television, as ISS deployment approaches
35. The current schedule of the BIRDS-2 CDR of 18th July, which starts at 13:00
36. Upcoming space technology events – message from the United Nations
37. The 2-day CDR event of BIRDS-2 on 18 and 19 July 2017

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