Check out the 18th issue of BIRDS Newsletter

To all BIRDS followers,

Yet an exciting issue of the BIRDS monthly newsletter is here for your viewing pleasure

The contents of this issue are:

1. Yeshey gives a public talk on “Bhutan in Space” at Kyutech Library
2. The first general paper about the BIRDS Project goes back to November of 2015
3. JSPS funding for 3 years of BIRDS International Workshops

4. Apiwat (BIRDS-1 member) recently visited Kyutech
5. On 27 June, Dr Amelia Greig formally received her Letter of Appointment to Kyutech
6. All back issues of the LaSEINE Annual Report are available on line
7. Delivery of BIRDS-1 to the ISS is reported in APRSAF News Mail No. 150
8. Prof Shibata (robotics research, Kyutech) promotes SEIC at AIR in India
9. BIRDS Project written up in the LaSEINE Annual Report (issued in March of 2017)
10. Japan changes landing permission sticker
11. Kyutech welcomes Miss Gladys Oppong of Ghana to inspect BIRDS activities
12. Watch BIRDS-1 FM assembly in fast-motion video
13. BIRDS-2 Solar Panel Assembly Practice
14. Announcement from the Malaysians of BIRDS-2
15. Deployment Viewing at JAXA Tsukuba Space Center, non-JAXA photos
16. Deployment Viewing at JAXA Tsukuba Space Center, JAXA photos
17. BIRDS-1 deployment viewing in Thailand
18. Naadam Celebration by Kyutech Mongolians
19. JA1GDE sent a signal report for BIRDS-1
20. DK3WN sent a signal report for BIRDS-1
21. Assembly of BIRDS-2 Engineering Model EM-1 on 15 July 2017
22. Arrival of the 5-person delegation of Bhutan for the BIRDS-2 CDR
23. Report by Ms. Gladys Yaa Saah Oppong on her recent visit to Kyutech
24. Nikkei writes about the deployment of BIRDS-1 constellation
25. “Certificates of Appreciation” given out during BIRDS-1 Deployment Party
26. Report on the ground station in the Philippines
27. Tobata Gion Yamagasa Festival was attended by many members of BIRDS
28. BIRDS-2 Logo
29. BIRDS-2: Antenna gain and radiation pattern measurement
30. BIRDS-2: Structure assembly procedure
31. BIRDS-2: Vibration test activity

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