19th Issue of BIRDS monthly newsletter

It is the time of the month when we bring to you the 19th issue of BIRDS monthly newsletter with great pleasure.

Kindly view the full issue here.

Some of the interesting topics of this issue are:

1. BIRDS-1 of Nigeria (“EduSat-1”) is described in The Nigerian Tribune
2. Day 1 of the BIRDS-2 CDR (the next few pages)
3. Day 2 of the BIRDS-2 CDR (the next few pages)

4. The departure of the UiTM delegation
5. The visit to Kyutech by UiTM is written up at the website of UiTM
6. Check out this popular beer joint the next time you visit Kitakyushu
7. Dr. Werner Balogh receives BIRDS-1 Certificate of Appreciation during INSPIRE Workshop
8. Steps were taken to register BIRDS-1 names with NORAD
9. A new age for remote sensing — using nimble satellites
10. Some BIRDS-1 articles that appeared in the press in Bangladesh this year
11. BRAC ONNESHA ground station operation
12. A Russian Web article about BIRDS-1
13. An Ukrainian web article about Kyutech’s BIRDS Project

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