21st Issue of BIRDS monthly newsletter

Our October newsletter is here with the following topics:

1. Prof Cho discusses BIRDS at COSPAR in Korea
2. BIRDS written up in Issue No. 26 of the APRSAF NEWSLETTER
3. PNST (the UN-Kyutech Fellowship) is recognized during Global Networking Forum at 2017 IAC

4. JAXA exhibits at 2017 IAC
5. BIRDS students deliver presentations at IAC
6. Mr Benjamin Bonsu (Ghana, BIRDS-1) receives award at IAC
7. LaSEINE welcomes new students (including many BIRDS students) with BBQ
8. BIRDS-3 Kick Off Meeting of 4 October 2017
9. Ground station report from Sri Lanka – a member of the BIRDS-3 Project
10. A short article about the BIRDS Project Newsletter
11. Two space videos worth seeing (both at YouTube)
12. Apiwat met UN space expert in Bangkok on 16th Sept 2017
13. NUM celebrates its 75th anniversary and Kyutech/BIRDS receives special recognition
14. BIRDS Project wins Airbus-GEDC Award for Diversity in Engineering
15. Friday, 13 Oct. 2017: Activities of BIRDS-3 team
16. In support of BIRDS and other space activities, UiTM opens “Center for Satellite Communication” on 10 August 2017
17. World Space Week (WSW) celebrated at Kyutech
18. The bus system of BIRDS-2
19. The BIRDS-2 GPS mission in brief
20. Nepal signs BIRDS-3 CRA Application
21. Update on the store-and-forward mission of BIRDS-2
22. Small party to celebrate the taking of First Place of 2017 GEDC Airbus Diversity Award

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