BIRDS Project Overview


The Joint Global Multi-Nation Birds Satellite Project also known as ” BIRDS Project ” is a cross-border interdisciplinary CubeSat project hosted at Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan in various emerging and non-space faring countries.


Other objectives are to l earn the whole process from a satellite program from mission planning to satellite disposal, l ay Down The Foundation Of Sustainable Space Program By Accumulating Human Resource And Launching A University Space Research And Education Program, And Create An International Human Network To Assist The Infant Space Programs Among Each Other. The Project Spans Over A Period Of 2 Years During Which The Participants Are enrolled as post-graduate students at the university.


The first BIRDS Project, BIRDS – 1 started in 2015. 1 participating countries are Japan, Ghana, Mongolia, Nigeria and Bangladesh shown by 15 students. As of 4th June, 2017 the students have successfully designed, developed, tested and launched 5 1U CubeSats All the 5 Cube Sats bear identical design and mission payload. Out of 7 ground stations, 5 Cable Sats will be released from the International Space Station on 7th July. Upon release they will form a Constellation. Read more here.


The second BIRDS Project, BIRDS – 2 kick – started in 2016. The participating countries are Bhutan, Malaysia and Philippines.

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