This is the archive for the BIRDS Project newsletter started early in in 2016, shortly after BIRDS – 1 got underway. It is edited by George Maeda, who is a research coordinator for the BIRDS Project.

The newsletter is a running record of “happenings”; so it is project- related documentation that will serve various purposes that I cannot foresee. Time will tell, and favorably I hope.

The central purpose of the newsletter is to keep overseas stakeholders informed of project progress,and also to shed light on how the students work and play in the Kyutech environment.  Being in the BIRDS Project requires an immense amount of hard work,and so we have to offset that with some fun, play, and recreation — this is shown in the newsletter as well,along with serious topics.

Some of the newsletter is written by me, and much of the material is created by the members of BIRDS 1 and 2, which I then edit.The newsletter is published once a month; generally it is released towards the end of the month. I hope you will enjoy reading it — as much as I enjoy producing it.   BIRDS is exciting.  I hope to convey that excitement to you with words and a lot of photos.

– The Editor , G. Maeda, 21 June 2017, Kyutech, Japan.


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