Yeshey Choden

Name: Yeshey Choden

Nationality: Bhutan

Education: B.E. Civil Engineering at National University of Singapore, Singapore

Role in BIRDS-2:

I am working on the development and implementation of APRS-DP mission (Automatic Packet Reporting System – Digipeater). The main objective of this mission is to demonstrate functionality of low cost commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) digipeater on board 1U CubeSat.

In addition, I will coordinate the processes of frequency coordination for the CubeSats in conjunction with my Japanese colleague Tokunaga. Permission to utilize frequencies must be obtained from relevant authorities such as JARL and IARU.

Moreover, I manage, document and revise the design requirements in line with stakeholders’ requirements.

Furthermore,  I will coordinate the organisation of outreach activities for our project. While the CubeSat is successfully developed, its benefits must be shared with the general public and youths and used in order to educate and promote knowledge about satellite technology and its applications.

Also, I will manage the project documents and its change log.

The BIRDS-2 website maintenance is also one of my responsibilities.

Lastly, I will take care of BIRDS-2 PR which includes representing the team in public forums.

Overall, my role in BIRDS-2 is not just technical but spans over a  wide range of disciplines. This is extremely beneficial for me to learn the entire work systems of a satellite project. Our CubeSat is small but there is a lot to learn and take away from it. The entire experience is thrilling!

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