Adrian C. Salces

Name: Adrian C. Salces

Nationality: Republic of the Philippines

Education:   M.S. Electrical Engineering (specialized in wireless communications & B.S. Electronics and Communications Engineering at UPD, Philippines

Role in BIRDS-2:

I am handling three main assignments in BIRDS-2 Project. First role is the Communication Subsystem of the satellite whose functions are (1) to receive uplink command from the ground station, (2) to download satellite telemetry (housekeeping and health status) data and mission data (high-resolution image, S&F, AMR-MM, etc.) and (3) to transmit CW beacon signal. For this subsystem, we are working with a Japanese company to build, test and integrate a UHF transceiver that can perform all of these in a single unit.

Second role is to continue the work started in BIRDS-1 on the establishment and operation of a ground station network (in collaboration with Japanese company InfoStellar, Inc.). Ten member ground stations will be connected and operated, three of which are new additions to the network (ground stations of UPD, UiTM and DITT of Bhutan). My main responsibility is to plan the configuration of BIRDS-2 ground stations and help facilitate their addition to the BIRDS GS network. I might also do some work on the ground station software for BIRDS-2 operation.

Third role is the Store-and-Forward (S&F) mission whose objective is to demonstrate a S&F system consisting of a cubesat constellation and to investigate communication and technical challenges of such a system. As part of this research, the three BIRDS-2 cubesats will be used to collect data from ground terminals equipped with sensors. The collected data will be stored in an onboard memory and downloaded to a BIRDS ground station for processing.

Being in the BIRDS-2 Project is both fun and challenging. Together with the team, I’ve been facing quite difficult technical engineering problems, system engineering, trade-offs and decision-making, but the experience and environment is nurturing.