Syazana Basyirah Binti Mohammad Zaki

Name: Syazana Basyirah Binti Mohammad Zaki

Nationality: Malaysia

Education: M.S. Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Microwaves & Satellite Systems) at Universiti Sains Malaysia & B.E. Electronics Engineering (Telecommunication Electronics) at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia

Role in BIRDS-2:

I am working on a Anisotropic Magneto Resistance Magnetometer (AMR-MM)  mission which is a triple axes sensor that applied in Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS), mainly to conduct measurement of magnetic field in space. The magnetic field measurement in space will work as a support data for geomagnetic mapping of South Asian region. The magnetic field data will be stored and send downlink to be compared with the existing geomagnetic field data. AMR-MM will work together with the gyro sensor in ADCS to detect the Earth direction during the CAM mission operation (target mode).

In addition, I am also responsible for Antenna Deployment system in BIRDS-2 project. The initial plan for BIRDS-2 was to use patch antenna for both UHF and VHF. Since BIRDS-2 APRS mission requires higher gain to achieve successful communication, we have decided to design the VHF monopole deployable antenna using the nichrome burn wire release mechanism, allowing the deployable antenna on the satellite to actuate. I find this quite challenging as it involves numerous experiments, modifications and testing. I really hope that VHF monopole antenna will successfully deployed after the launch of BIRDS-2.

In general, I am very proud to be part of BIRDS-2 project. This project expands the range of my knowledge in space engineering field and benefits the development of nanosatellite in my home country.