Muhammad Hasif Bin Azami

Name: Muhammad Hasif Bin Azami

Nationality: Malaysia

Education: B.E. Mechatronics at International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

Role in BIRDS-2:

I am working on Camera (CAM) mission of BIRDS-2 project. CAM is one of the main mission of BIRDS-2 project which main objective to capture images of 4 countries homelands. The camera system consist of 2 identical cameras but have different particular mode. The primary camera is dedicated mainly for capture a high resolution image, while the secondary camera is to maximize the functionality of the camera by short video mode (extra successful level mission). The extra mode is very challenging for me as the satellite has limited power supply and limited capacity for downlink data. Camera system is very related to COM-UHF and ADCS systems.

Furthermore, I also assigned as secondary person for Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS). It is very interesting task because camera mission depends on ADCS for taking a steady and beautiful picture from low Earth orbit (LEO). I love the environment of the BIRDS-2 project as all of us come from different backgrounds and home countries. Let the BIRDS-2 journey begins!