Yasuhiro Tokunaga

Name: Yasuhiro Tokunaga

Nationality: Japan

Education: B.E. Integrated Systems Engineering at Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

Role in BIRDS-2:

I am handling the interface management and the frequency coordination. Previously, I worked for BIRDS-1 project, so I can also share BIRDS-1 experience to BIRDS-2 team.

The person in charge of interface management mainly handle the Interface Coordination Document(ICD). This is the pin assignment of substrates. The pins of substrates are limited, so when other members develop the missions, they cannot use the pins freely. That’s why we need to handle the ICD by talking with other members.

The frequency coordination is for using the amarture radio transmission. When we transmit the amarture radio wave, we need to get our own frequency. However, we cannot always get the frequency as desired. So we need to explain about our missions and adjust something. Therefore, this work cannot be done without other members’ helps.

My role is always helped by other team members. So, I would also like to help the team. And I want to use the experience in the future.

Email: m111026y@mail.kyutech.jp