Daiki Yamaguchi

Name: Daiki Yamaguchi

Nationality: Japan

Education: B.E. Integrated Systems Engineering at Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

Role in BIRDS-2:

I am working on a Electrical Power System(EPS). It is an important part for the satellite to function well in space. So, I have to calculate generated power and estimate power budget and supply requested power.. We design the circuit of EPS with Sagami tuusin which is Japanese company. Our system is improving based on BIRDS-1.

In addition, I’m in charge of procurement. We often procure parts from Japan, because we are developing  in Japan.

In the future, the experience of BIRDS-2 project will be my property. I’m not good at speaking English. But, this project’s communication consists of English.  For me, It was a tough environment. But my colleagues in this project are very kind and good to be able to talk without being shy.  I want to make use of this experience meaningfully.

Email:  n111050d@mail.kyutech.jp