Group photo after CDR
Stakeholders visit Center for Nanosatellite Testing (CeNT), Kyutech after CDR
Stakeholders visit BIRDS Ground Station in Kyutech
Stakeholders visit BIRDS-2 laboratory after CDR
EM ready for TVT
All heaters and thermocouples attached
EM before going inside the thermal vacuum chamber
Flags of Bhutan, Malaysia and Philippines
EM inside the vibration pod
Team working on the EM vibration test set-up
Team group photo during EM vibration test for CDR
EM assembly before CDR
A scene from the CDR with stakeholders from all the participating countries
At the registration table of CDR
Stakeholders and Kyutech faculty meet during BIRDS-2 CDR
Ms. Syazana with test procedure document
Thermal vacuum test of antenna deployment system
A glimpse of weekly meeting in BIRDS-2 laboratory
Model of BIRDS-2 CubeSat
+Y panel of EM
Assembly of EM
Engineering model (EM)
BIRDS-2 EM inside thermal vacuum chamber